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I’ve landed in lovely London, staying seven days — mostly business. This time I chose to travel light. I still packed six pairs of shoes, but I left my beloved Nikon DSLR camera at home. On purpose.

With much debate, I decided to abandon my digital ‘dinosaur’ for a study in snapshots using my iPhone. It’s been done a million times all over the world, but it’s a first for me.

This is MyLondon in Real Time. The good, the bad and the mundane. Thanks for joining me!

Today’s post is all about London fenestration. If you love it too, check out my post on Montreal fenestration: Fenestration (Yes it’s a word)

If you missed Day 4, please click here: MyLondon in Real Time — Day 4 

The real thing -- no faux finishes here.

The real thing — no faux finishes here. I love London fenestration. So beautiful!

Blackfriar's Pub

The Blackfriar Pub

The Gerkin

The Gerkin

Reflections -- Traditional and modern.

Reflections — Traditional and modern.