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I absolutely LOVE...

....how a stranger captured my bliss in this moment...

….that a total stranger captured my bliss in this moment.

In September 2004, a year after moving into my own place post divorce, my newly-minted self was caught up in a serious love affair with the city of San Francisco.

Here on the ferry, with the wind whipping my hair and the fog dusting the Sausalito hills, I was euphoric. Every time I see this photo, I remember what pure happiness feels like. I was finally myself again — only better. LOVE it, always.

(Fashion update — fanny packs are out, but print pants are now trending!!!)

And, I absolutely LOVE...

The endless entertainment as Simba makes an impromptu and detailed inspection of the dishwaher.

….the earnest expression on his face as Simba, self-appointed Inspector Of All Things Not-His-Business, conducts an impromptu tour of the inside of the dishwasher.

My ‘hell-on-wheels” cat is the silliest feline I’ve ever known and makes me laugh every single day. How could I not love that?

I also LOVE….

…my own silliness in spying on the apartment across the street in Old Montreal using my telephoto lens…..nothing was happening for the longest time when all of a sudden a huge, furry French ‘chat’ with a scowling face stepped into view, and well, it was such a lovely shot, perfectly framed, that I couldn’t NOT take the picture….could I?

I don’t want to come across as peeping tom although I think that’s pretty much unavoidable under the circumstances.

And speaking of Old Montreal, I absolutely LOVE…

The windswept Rue Jacques Cartier....

….Rue Jacques Cartier, windswept, on a fall afternoon…

...and the fire in Old Montreal in the fall.

…and an Old World blaze of fire.

And, finally, I absolutely LOVE the lush texture in….

...of oil on canvas. This is the work of Monsieur. He's  a Concept Artist by day; an oil painter at night. An Artist. Capital A.

…this oil painting. And the talent that makes it come alive. This is the work of Monsieur. He’s a Concept Illustrator by day; an Artist by night.

I can only doodle and draw stick figures. If I try real hard, I can manage a pencil sketch that resembles a tree.

I’ve dabbled in painting, seduced by the rich colors and buttery softness of Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White. The results were often filed under one of two categories: Barely Acceptable Abstract or Big Fat Mess.

So, the fact that Monsieur has the expertise, the imagination, creativity and knowledge to push paint around in such a way that a beautiful human face emerges beneath the brush….well, it fills me with absolute awe.

And I absolutely LOVE it!

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